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The word, “Macrobiotics”, comes from the Greek terms: “macro” meaning large, great or long, and “bios” meaning life. Our study of macrobiotics is our individual journey towards understanding this “great life”.
What is Macrobiotics all about anyway? Browse through the many articles and discover more about the world, and perhaps, yourself. 

Our understanding of the energy of food and eating in harmony with the changing seasons is a sacred pathway for our health and well being.
The energy and power of food in our lives can be appreciated through our conscious choices. 
Enjoying the holidays with family, friends and neighbors is certainly a fun-filled experience especially with heart warming, fresh, wholesome, and healthy foods. 
Food consciousness is an awareness of the energy of foods in all their variety, be they the stuff we put in our mouths, or receive through our senses.
Perhaps you have heard of Quantum Mechanics and the String Theory. These subjects have been on PBS and in local newspapers and magazines describing current scientific theories about the smallest particles of life. 
January 9th 2005
Sacred Pathways: What do you consider yourself primarily? A whole foods cook, a health care counselor, an entrepreneur, or all of the above?
Macrobiotics, commonly thought of as a diet, is a philosophy of life applied to food. 
Newton TAB Friday, March 25, 2005
It is common knowledge that our thoughts and actions and the choices we make in our daily lives are influenced by our physiological, psychological and spiritual states.
Since disease develops due to unhealthy conditions, it follows that to prevent disease we have to create health.
One of the primary causes of disease is a compromised immune system.
For some people, eating whole grains sometimes causes an excessive, unnatural craving for sweets or ‘sweet and oily’ desserts. This cancels the effectiveness of a grain diet, but when the cause is known the problem can easily be corrected. 
This idea is actually already in progress.
It’s all part of David Snieckus’ reality tour, which started about three weeks ago at The Village Café in Newtonville.
Instead of bombarding the tumors with radiation or chemotherapy or invading our bodies with a knife, let’s begin a more peaceful way. 
I think we could all agree that one of the primary causes of these spiraling health care costs is an unhealthy general public over-utilizing the health care system.
We not only have an ENORMOUS problem regarding our health, we have a problem paying for it. House Bill 2841 provides a solution to both. Allow me to explain.
The Healthcare Industry is truly a great industry. Then why in a state with the best hospitals and physicians, with creative and ambitious health reform program, are we experiencing such a serious increase in preventable illness?
Every vegetarian saves an acre of trees each year, literally protecting “the lungs of the Earth.” WorldWatch estimates that one 400-calorie hamburger patty chews up 55 square feet of tropical forest, former home to 165 pounds of native plant and animal life.
Every person has cancer cells in the body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. 
The age of dualistic thinking and experience is coming to an end. 
Nine Star Ki is a way of looking closely at patterns of yin and yang energy in our environment over time and understanding how these energy movements affect each of us. 
Numerous scientists and medical researchers have repeatedly pointed their finger for our sickness to the food we eat.
If it is lymphoma, as we suspect, without chemotherapy, you may have no longer than 10 months to live. And, if so, I would suggest that you get your affairs in order.
Here's what I believe needs to be done very peacefully and quietly for the near future 
Knowing about, preparing and eating biologically correct food is the real secret to health, peace, prosperity and happiness. Let me explain. (just a moment).
I don't know how true this is, but it does make sense. Sounds just like something God would do. Here is just a short list of examples of Whole Food Signatures. 
According to Walene James, the Medical-Pharmaceutical industry has been promoting immunizations since the time of Louis Pasteur, a chemist from about 130 years ago who taught the “germ theory of disease”.
In order to provide a method of healing that will be available to everyone, and will affect really permanent health, we make the following seven proposals.
This is a both a request for a meeting on the feasibility of a grant and a health strategy paper answering the question posed by you in your cover letter for THE BOSTON PARADOX: Lots of Health Care, Not Enough Health.
The simple, inconvenient truth is that you ignore the main cause of environmental destruction and climate change in your speeches, slide shows, and other presentations.
When it comes to protecting life on Earth as we know it, the devastating consequences of factory farming are public – and planet – enemy number one.
Unfortunately our modern food technology creates artificial, refined, and highly processed foods, emptied of the ingredients essential to sustain our species.
What I found over thirty (30) years ago is that the food we choose to eat creates us and ALL that we are. It always has and always will. 
Let us consider a better approach, a more holistic view, namely that of chemist, physician, naturalist and biologist Professor Pierre Jacque Antoine Bechamp, who, about 130 years ago, taught the “cellular theory of disease”.
We do not need healthcare providers unconstitutionally imposing on the public the will of the government and unwittingly causing harm without any recourse.
The knowledge and practice of selecting, preparing and eating wholesome and nourishing foods that are uniquely structured for the way our bodies were designed gives us the biological foundation as well as the freedom and the confidence to live in this world without the fear of getting sick.
We are a small family whose vision is to live and inspire others to live sustainably and healthfully so as to optimally survive and thrive on this planet.
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