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In May of 2007, I was introduced to macrobiotics by David Snieckus. My health had deteriorated following multiple treatments for NHL and I had been diagnosed with MDS in June of 2006. There were no treatments available for my MDS other than blood transfusions. The transfusions, although life saving, caused iron toxicity. I had hoped by changing my approach to eating that I would slow the increase in iron. Between May and August I was able to slightly reduce my ferritin levels with the only change being my style of eating.

CN Micklitsch, Newton Highlands, MA

Upon working with David and eating Macrobiotic foods, I experienced a purging of bodily toxins, lost 15 pounds in six weeks and returned to a normal weight. I no longer experience menstrual cramps, and physically, I feel more vibrant and healthy. David's Macrobiotic community meals are lively and a lot of fun, and the food he serves is wholesome, healthy and delicious!

M.S.A, Newton, MA

Years ago, I started following a Macrobiotic diet after consultation with David Snieckus. I have noticed many changes: lower weight, shining hair, clear skin and eyes, low blood pressure, no body odors, stronger immunity and more. My neurologist noticed that the multiple sclerosis scars in my brain are disappearing and shrinking. Since I have been Macrobiotic, I have never suffered from any new MS symptoms. I feel so good.

S. Karcher, Woodbury, CT

David Snieckus is my favorite whole foods cook. His soups and desserts, especially, are an exercise in creativity and a delight for the palate.

John O'Leary

Dear David, Holy smokes. God bless you and your family. I don't think I've ever felt as strong, whole and full of vitality as I have in the past few days. The experience of spending an afternoon learning from you, and being in the presence of your wonderful family, was powerful - joyful, illuminating, wonderful. I have a picture in my mind of you and your wife and your daughter in your kitchen, healing the world around you, and I am awed by my good fortune in sojourning in that kitchen. I understood the paradigm shift that had taken place for me by spending even a few hours with you and your family. I had gone from feeling that cooking was a struggle, to feeling that cooking was a joyful adventure. Now that is a leap. When I made dinner tonight I had a wonderful time, and I savored my meal slowly. I feel so very much stronger. Bless you. 

Take good care, Jampa

Hi Margaret and David,
A test for the perfect Macrobiotic meal is enjoying it with friends and having no cravings the next day. Absolutely no cravings today, only pure
satisfaction and memory of a great evening.
Thank you for sharing your home, genuine friendship, knowledge and perfectly delicious food. 

With love, Liz

Having been treated with low back pain and related depression by various medical practitioners for nearly two years, I began working with David. It's been about 2 months since he introduced me to Macrobiotics. To say I am amazed at how I am feeling does a great disservice to this new way of life for me. I have drastically cut down on the amount of medications that I take, have lost weight (without even trying), and feel a general sense of well-being with a noticeable amount of increased energy. As an added bonus, I even sleep better! David is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and makes the wonderful world of macrobiotics so easy to adapt to a busy lifestyle. I feel so much better! What else can I say, but a hearty thank you David!


Re: Three day Macrobiotic training program
We found this program essential for helping us to modify the way we think about food, how we shop for food, how we prepare food and how we eat food. Neither of us had any background in macrobiotics before this class. After three intensive mornings of discussion, cooking, meditation and eating we have a new awareness about a healthier approach to food. We feel confident that we can go forward on our own because of your expertise, instructional style and openness to our many, many questions.

We appreciated your willingness to personalize this program, your patience with our endless questions, your daily follow-up and your commitment to be available to us in the next few weeks.
We would be happy to recommend this program to others. Thanks for all you did for us.

Christine Micklitsch and Marge Brown

I learned so much! Thank you for making the learning process so clear, simple and non-judgmental. I feel infinitely more connected to the rhythms of life after your profound explanation of how it all ties together. Much of what I learned from you has been sifting and settling into my consciousness and daily activities.