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Letter to the Editor
In my 45 years of studying food and its relation to humans, I firmly believe that germs do not cause disease. IMHO, an unhealthy physical terrain resulting from improper eating and lack of exercise attracts the microbes that result in disease. Our bodies are biological, and therefore governed by how we fuel it, namely, what we put in our mouths to eat. Germs, virus, microbes, and bacteria are Mother Nature’s clean-up crew of anything that cannot sustain nor defend itself. I believe that trying to protect oneself against microbes with man-made masks, vaccinations, and drugs are futile in the long run. I believe that a whole foods, plant-based diet and exercise are more effective and, by the way, cheaper than relying on ways to fool or abuse Mother Nature. Eating according to the evolutionary biological development of nutritious food, including good quality sea salt, builds our immune system and creates a healthy terrain that prevents harmful germs, virus, microbes, and bacteria from their deteriorating course of breaking down and destroying the tissues of our human body.  

Today’s dietary habits of over-eating and eating junk, processed, and fake Franken foods has been catastrophic for the human species. Eating acidifying white sugar and putrefying animal products in particular create a perfect breeding ground for harmful germs, virus, microbes, and bacteria. There is no getting away from it; eat healthy for a healthy immune system, exercise for bacteria killing oxygen, and you can avoid the biological crisis of getting seriously sick. As stated by Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”