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How to prepare for self-sufficiency
Here's what I believe needs to be done very peacefully and quietly for the near future:

1) Begin to buy locally grown food and/or make friends with farmers for your food. These guys are hard workers and can supply a huge quantity of quality food for everyone. 
2) Begin establishing a new currency with friends and strangers. Instead of the debt dollar we have now that really has no value, we need to create a dollar with value, say with a food dollar... currency backed by some value.... something that will be very valuable as time goes on and your current inflationary Federal Reserve Notes become basically worthless. 
3) Learn a skill, like cooking or farming or fixing stuff, that may be greatly needed shortly. 
4) Learn to eat grains, vegetables and beans. 
5.) Make your kitchen a place for friends. You are going to need them! 
More later...gotta run and get some food stocked up, the fall is coming!......OOPS. By THE FALL, I mean Autumn!