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The Reality Of or Myth Behind Immunizations
This article is about my thoughts about whether or not immunizations/vaccinations are effective or harmful. They are from a layperson’s perspective, as I am not a scientist, and are greatly influenced by my readings of Walene James’ book, Immunizations, The Reality Behind the Myth.

According to Walene James, the Medical-Pharmaceutical industry has been promoting immunizations since the time of Louis Pasteur, a chemist from about 130 years ago who taught the “germ theory of disease”. This theory is based on the assumption that diseases are caused by microorganisms outside the cell or the body, are generally to be guarded against, and the way to prevent disease is to “build defenses”.

The Medical-Pharmaceutical industry has been capitalizing on this theory by indoctrinating the general public in the belief that vaccinations are the best defense, the “magic bullet” to guard us from disease.

However, Walene James states: “When we place causation outside ourselves, we create vast armies of attackers and defenders, assailants and protectors. In the case of disease causation, our protectors are such things as vaccines, drugs, X-rays, and the like, and their administrators, medical practitioners. The possibilities for commercial exploitation are endless.”

A quote by a Dr. Richard Moskowitz from Walene James’ book reads:

"It is dangerously misleading, and indeed, the exact opposite of the truth to claim that a vaccine makes us "immune" or protects us against an acute disease, if in fact it only drives the disease deeper into the interior and causes us to harbor it chronically, with the result that our responses to it become progressively weaker, and show less and less tendency to heal or resolve themselves spontaneously."

The book states that vaccines have been called 

1.) potential allergens because they introduce foreign proteins directly into the blood stream without digestion or "censoring by the liver", and 
2.) drugs because, like drugs, they are inherently toxic and work on the principle of suppression rather than expression, preventing the body-mind from discharging what needs to come out, and thereby compounding the problem. 

Walene James has us consider the more holistic view of understanding that the expression of symptoms is part of the full immunological response, which is necessary for the development of true immunity.

In her book, this holistic view is addressed at length by chemist, physician, naturalist and biologist Professor Pierre Jacque Antoine Bechamp, who, also about 130 years ago, taught the “cellular theory of disease”. Bechamp taught that the smallest units of living matter are organisms he referred to as microzyma, from the Greek term meaning “small ferment”, because they induce fermentation. They are considered the antecedents of cells. Every living being has arisen from the microzyma, and every living being is reducible to the microzyma. The microzyma has two functions: to build tissue by secreting ferments that aid digestion, or to disintegrate tissue by evolving into pathogenic (disease-producing) bacteria. The character and behavior of microzymas depend upon the health or unhealth of the host organism. If tissue is healthy, the microzymas will function to support the life and integrity of the cells. If cells have been damaged, they will produce morbid or diseased microzymas that may evolve into pathogenic bacteria whose function is to reduce (decompose) matter back to its constituent elements, in essence becoming nature’s clean-up crew.

Bechamp discovered that bacteria reflect the conditions in which they find themselves rather than create those conditions.

If disease develops due to unhealthy conditions, it follows that to prevent disease, we have to create healthy conditions. To create a healthy condition, we must change our body chemistry. It is well known and reinforced in James’ book that if the body were maintained in an alkaline condition, this would “immunize” a person against infectious diseases. Thus using alkaline-forming foods in one’s diet is what keeps the body alkaline and is the means of preventing disease.
The book compares at length the “germ theory of disease” with the “cellular theory of disease”, which represents the basis for the departure in thought between the medical industry and those practicing “alternative health” modalities.

Note however that even the French chemist Louis Pasteur, father of the Germ Theory of Disease, later admitted on his death bed that 
"...the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything." 

Here's an interesting site on the differences in theories:​

There is much written about the complexity of the human immune system and its known resilience when immunity is acquired naturally. As for myself, my intuitive sense leads me to be wary of putting foreign chemical substances into my body. Instead, I choose to trust the natural healing ability of the body and its natural immune system with the help of natural, organic, nutritious, whole foods, believing that it is the health or unhealth of the host organism that determines
the character of the microorganismic life within it. Further, I am distrustful of an industry, namely the pharmaceutical industry, that seems to be primarily driven by profits, not necessarily the well-being of the public. Some books on the subject include:

1. The Truth About Drug Companies, Marcia Angel, M.D. – A shocking expose by an insider about the drug industry.
2. Cancer Wars, A shocking expose about how most popular cancer therapies are not based on effectiveness, but economic considerations.
3. Forbidden Medicine, by Ellen Brown, which highlights the sharp divide between orthodox and alternative/holistic approaches.

It is especially suspicious that the industry is “regulated” by a food and drug administration that is represented by individuals who also sit on the boards of the pharmaceutical companies. For information about this, see

My conclusion is that a healthy and clean diet can ward off infections as well as most other forms of ill health. Freedom of choice in how we care for our bodies and access to wholesome, nutritious foods is paramount. May we do all we can to protect this unalienable right.

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