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Healthcare Dilemma
June 18th 2007

Macrobiotic Health Expert Offers Advice on Spiraling Health-Care Costs
The Healthcare Industry is truly a great industry. Then why in a state with the best hospitals and physicians, with creative and ambitious health reform program, are we experiencing such a serious increase in preventable illness? According to “The Boston Paradox” released June 14th 2007, we have lots of health care but no health. Bottom line…. Health Insurance does not ensure health. Most treatments, which is what most of us think as healthcare, won't make a sick individual healthy in the long run. There is a better and smarter way...a much better and smarter way... to insure you're on the right path to optimal health, which, along the way, will reduce health care costs.

June 18, 2007 – Newton, MA. Why, in the midst of the best hospitals and the best physicians and the best healthcare reform in the United States, are Massachusetts’ citizens experiencing a serious increase in preventable disease, thereby giving rise to health care costs? A report, “The Boston Paradox: Lots of Healthcare, Not Enough Health”, released June 14th by the New England Health Care Institute, refers to this irony, saying that with all these great medical facilities and all these great academic institutions in the Boston area, we are still sick. It’s inconceivable in this day and age that the report has not yet discovered the answer to the rising incidence of preventable chronic disease and spiraling health care costs!

You would think that with mandatory health insurance we would be healthier, since now most everyone can have access to our best hospitals, best physicians and our great healthcare. But health insurance does not ensure health! What we call healthcare is really sickness care. Furthermore, we look at sickness as bad, as something to treat, drug, radiate and surgically remove. This is not working and these outdated approaches are costing too much.

Perhaps we should consider a less costly, novel approach: see sickness as our friend. I would like to suggest that by appearing as pains or tumors, sickness is Nature’s way of reminding us that we need to change something. Instead of rushing off to a doctor or hospital, we could ask, "What is causing this pain or problem? What is our sickness trying to tell us?"

Pain is life’s messenger, and I would like to suggest that more often than not our bodies are trying to tell us that it is the food we are eating and the exercise we are not getting that is causing the problem. I believe that understanding how to eat and exercise is the missing answer to preventable chronic illness.
Our health and our strength come from our connection to the Earth through the food we eat. Food is energy through the process of photosynthesis, when sunlight combines with water and minerals to grow a living plant. No processed or fake food can replicate that. By eating living plants we are taking in a process that has been around for eons. We feel part of that process, thereby feel healthier and when we start feeling healthier we want to exercise more. Our ancestors ate this way and they worked hard too!

When we eat crap, we feel like crap. Some call it depression. The farther away we get from the source of our life, the sicker and weaker we become! The reason why we are experiencing such a serious increase in preventable illness in an area with some of the country’s top medical research and academic institutions is that we have forgotten to eat living plants. We have forgotten how to select, prepare and eat quality whole food! What is missing from the report is our connection with nature, which has been broken by our consumption of fast food, junk food, fake food. Instead of eating life-giving plants from nature, we are eating dead and processed food from factory plants.

The answer to the rising incidence of preventable diseases and spiraling healthcare cost is our choosing to eat natural whole foods instead of processed junk food. The best wellness center is in our kitchens, the best doctors are ourselves, and the best healthcare reform is our learning about the best and healthiest food to eat. Whole natural foods cooked or prepared in your kitchen is the one thing each individual can do every day to prevent and reverse illness. Everyone knows eating well is essential for health. Optimal health can be obtained through an understanding of how to select, cook and eat delicious natural whole foods. 
Literally and figuratively, the simple solution to being healthy is right under our noses. Instead of allowing ourselves to be seduced by the food manufactures with their fake processed food, or falling prey to the drug manufactures with their drugs that only address the symptom of a problem, not the cause, and which have a myriad of side-effects, why not just eat well, everyday!

Mr. Snieckus says, “If you're truly passionate about your health, want to work at it everyday and believe in the ability of the human body to heal itself and healthy, you owe it to yourself to check out macrobiotics as a natural healing modality. I highly recommend this way of life based on personal experience. It truly is the greatest path to total health on the face of the planet where the average, every day person can become truly healthy."

David Snieckus, one of the nation's leading macrobiotic experts, has over 30 years experience helping thousands heal themselves using easy to comprehend tools and services. His specialty is assisting others in establishing a foundation of macrobiotics in their own home. This is available through a three day intensive program. Call for a no obligation outline and references at 617-964-2951 or for more information and more tips and testimonials please visit

David Snieckus is the primary sponsor of House Bill 2841 which calls for the removal of the tax exemption of processed food.
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