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Macrobiotics and the Nine Star Ki
The age of dualistic thinking and experience is coming to an end. From thinking there is “good” and “bad,” “right” and “wrong,” from thinking egotistically in which we see ourselves as separate from one another and from Nature, to wholistic thinking! Gradually, as we spiral in toward the center of evolutionary change, when the axis of the earth points directly to the North Star in the year 2102, representing the beginning of the Age of Paradise, or the Age of Enlightenment, we will evolve toward a more unified state of body, mind and spirit, in which we are ONE with one another, Nature, and the Universe; When we will evolve into One Peaceful World in which we will understand that what each of us thinks or does has a profound effect on everyone, everything, everywhere, and will make choices accordingly.

During this evolutionary process, we must be ever thoughtful and highly conscious of our every thought and deed if we want to impact our world and universe in a positive and empowering way!

How are Macrobiotics and specifically, the Nine Star Ki, useful tools in helping us to understand and evolve toward this state of oneness?
For those of you who are new or need a reminder: MACROBIOTICS, derived from the Greek term "Macro" for large or great, and "Bios" for life, is an ancient philosophy of a natural and holistic way of life for humanity according to the natural order of the infinite universe, which manifests itself into complimentary and antagonistic energies, both visible and invisible, in the form or yin (expanding) and yang (contracting). The practice of Macrobiotics is based on the understanding and practical application of this order as it pertains to our biological, psychological, social and spiritual evolution.
The more we understand this natural order, with all its differentiations and distinctions or yin and yang energies, the more we are able to embrace life or infinity! LIFE is L.I.F.E; Love Infinity For Ever!

As an example, Helen Keller, who was “deaf,” “blind” and “dumb”, (which I contend most of us “Sheeple” are!), bumped into everything before she learned language. It wasn’t until she learned various distinctions though language that the world came alive to her.

As we learn about and understand the Natural Order of the Infinite Universe and that we are an inherent part/ manifestation of this order/process/evolution, vs. being separate from it, we evolve from dualistic thinking to wholistic thinking, and our consciousness shifts to a peaceful and harmonious state of being.
Through the distinctions made in such systems as the Nine Star Ki, the Five Transformations, and the I-Ching, all of which are tools to better know ourselves and one other, (who are ultimately mirrors of ourselves), we become better able to: understand ourselves as well as one another; see ourselves in one another, and one another in ourselves; find harmony and rejoice in our similarities rather than find conflict in our “differences”; and ultimately experience compassion, unconditional love and a state of oneness!

This is the highest state of evolution! 
To support our evolution toward this state, we need to not only develop our awareness, but also to take care of our biology with higher nutritional and vibrational food --- a high quality plant-based diet cooked with love, with grain being the most evolved, and brown rice being the most evolved of the grains!
Macrobiotics understands that our evolution is greatly influenced by our state of physical and mental health, which has as its foundation the food we cook and eat. As we come to understand the power of food in our lives, and master the art of selecting, combining, cooking and eating wholesome, all natural foods that are harmonious with our bodies and environment, we learn to create the life and health we want.

Ultimately, we shift our consciousness toward ultimate health and a peaceful, harmonious state of being.

My vision of this evolutionary process is to promote every kitchen as a wellness center!
In a nutshell, or should I say Rice Hull, the Biological, Social, Spiritual Re-evolution is about waking up to a world vision in which each of us takes care of our biology through a plant-based diet; our sociology in which we understand and experience how a plant-based diet impacts our relations with one another, our relationship to Nature and our environment; and our spirituality in which we understand and experience that we are all inherently connected to everything, everywhere, and in which we make choices accordingly to create One Peaceful World!

For information on the Nine Star Ki, see the article on this web site entitled “Nine Star Ki”, By Yogen Kushi, NON CREDO Kushi Macrobiotic Newsletter, July 2001, reformatted and adapted by David Snieckus August 2007
With additional charts from Roel Hill:

- David M. Snieckus




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