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The Secret of Sea Salt
Spring, 1998

I studied Macrobiotics during the late 70’s and early 80’s, first with Bill Spear in Middletown, CT, and then under Michio and Aveline Kushi. I was in the third graduating class on 17 Station Street in Brookline, MA.

Upon my return to the Waterbury, CT area, I was very enthusiastic, and attempted to establish a Macrobiotic Center and become a counselor. Little did I know, book learning needs daily practice. For years I was telling people to eat macrobiotically (whole grains and vegetables) while I was binging on every macrobiotically sweetened (rice syrup and oil) cookie and cake. I intuitively knew the diet was right, but couldn’t do it. I kept going on and off the Macrobiotic diet.
It wasn’t until 14 years later when I was reading Jacques Delangre’s book, Seasalt’s Healing Powers, that I had an “aha” experience. On page 39 it says, “For some people, eating whole grains sometimes causes an excessive, unnatural craving for sweets or ‘sweet and oily’ desserts. This cancels the effectiveness of a grain diet, but when the cause is known the problem can easily be corrected. The glucides contained in the grains signal to the digestive system that a form of sugar is being chewed and will soon reach the stomach for processing. But without any salt, too little of it, or especially a poor quality salt, these glucides do not transform at all. The body is completely denied the sugars it normally receives from this food, causing drastic deficiency and the subsequent craving for sweets. The same salt deficiency also blocks the emulsifying of oil normally supplied adequately by the oil in the germ of whole cereals. This will cause one to use excess oil or to crave oily or butter-rich desserts even after a balanced whole grain meal.”

Upon reading this, I literally and figuratively jumped out of the bathtub and exclaimed to the world, “I have found it!” My cravings for sweets and oil are basically now under a natural control since I have been using Celtic Sea Salt. I recommend it to all the people who say, “I tried that Macrobiotic diet but I just couldn’t stick with it. And besides, all those Macros look anemic.” Now many of my friends and clients are using Celtic Sea Salt, are able to stay with the Macrobiotic diet and look and feel great!

Another benefit of Celtic Sea Salt is that it is Mother Nature’s own antibiotic.
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- David Snieckus, spring 1998

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