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David's Tuesday Take-Out
Macrobiotic meal pick-up 
every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
104 Cowles Road, Woodbury, CT 06798 

Contact David at (203) 518-1723 or
no later than noon to order and for directions.


Pint: $4.00 
Quart $7.00

Main Course
Grain, vegetable, sea vegetable, vegetable protein, and pickled salad dishes. 
Dinner: 7 in. platter: $10.00 for approximately 1 lb.
Dinner: 9 in. platter: $15.00 for approximately 1 ½ lb. 


David empowers individuals to experience optimum health, well-being and happiness through the understanding and practical application of Macrobiotics, particularly as it applies to the proper selection, cooking and eating of healthy, wholesome foods.
David’s vision is “every kitchen a wellness center” and one peaceful and healthy world.

David is a graduate of the world renowned Kushi Institute, and has been practicing Macrobiotics since 1977.
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