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Here are few valuable resources for you!


The Macrobiotic Guide: Your GREAT LIFE Guide to Macrobiotics
Offers a general introduction to macrobiotics, plus articles, interviews and links representing diverse views in the macrobiotic community.



Our website has much content related to macrobiotics that may prove a useful resource for your visitors. This includes 32 articles for those getting started, or needing kitchen tips, persons exploring related health issues, and those interested in macrobiotic philosophy. There is a new unique cookbook featuring 25 illustrated macrobiotic meals (available by the end of January), a macrobiotic directory of 44 United States communities, extensive photo
galleries, and links to well over 100 websites around the world, including yours: 

Go to "Articles" on this site for:
Health Resources for those with Cancer, compiled by Margaret S. Arndt

Book: The Rave Diet. DVD/Video: “Eating”, by Mike Anderson
"It is the clearest, most powerful and compelling presentation in the Western World about the state of our health and food industries."

The film is an in-depth look into the controversy over genetically modified foods. 

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