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Ready for a Macrobiotic Counselor?
Want a biological and psychological way to heal?
Care to slow down, stop, or even reverse a disease or illness? 
Want to lose some weight?
Have a philosophical question? A psychological issue? A pain of some sort?
Or just need a fun and delicious recipe?

David Snieckus is ready to help. 
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Macrobiotics is:
· An Encompassing Philosophy and Understanding
· A Belief System
· A Way of Life
· A Diet
· A Study of how Mother Nature works
· A Study of Yin and Yang
· An understanding of a “great life”!
· The Order of the Universe!

The word “Macrobiotics” comes from the Greek terms: “macro” meaning large, great or long, and “bios” meaning life. Our study of macrobiotics is our individual journey towards understanding this “great life”.

Contrary to common opinion, macrobiotics is not simply a "diet" or what some people do when they are diagnosed with cancer, though this is often the first step for many. Countless thousands of individuals have used macrobiotics to support their successful recovery from a wide range of illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, digestive disorders, and many other health problems as well as help optimize their health and well-being.

Macrobiotics is a holistic and natural lifestyle, which addresses not only diet, but also all areas of one's life, including physical activity and mental outlook. The dietary component of macrobiotics is based on traditional dietary patterns, and emphasizes the use of whole foods such as whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Many scientific studies have proven the health benefits of such foods used in the macrobiotic cuisine. 

Like any other practice, macrobiotics is best and most easily learned under the guidance of experienced teachers, as each human being has a unique set of health conditions and issues. 

Macrobiotic counselor, David Snieckus, gives general macrobiotic guidelines for each individual during private counseling sessions. David’s week-long Macrobiotic Consultation and Recipe workshop is a comprehensive, introductory program that gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to begin the macrobiotic way of life. This life-changing workshop is also helpful for individuals who are currently healthy and wish to optimize and maintain their good health.

David invites you to enjoy the learning process of all that he has been taught and what he knows from experience, as well as to find out for yourself the benefits and rewards of the Macrobiotic way of life!


Congratulations on finding my web page!!

Hopefully, you are ready to venture into the optimal way to health and happiness, as I was in 1977.

By choosing Macrobiotics, either as a way to address your health/sickness or as a new adventure into the “Great Life”, you are on a path of understanding what it takes to be optimally healthy, successful, and happy!

Initially, some may need or want:
- my basic training course
- a refresher course

- a question or two answered
- to be kept informed with a newsletter.

I offer all this and more. Just give me a call: 
(203) 518-1723, or e-mail me at

I suggest that you take macrobiotics seriously for a least one month, see what it has to offer, and go from there.

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David Snieckus is a graduate of the world renowned Kushi Institute, and has been practicing Macrobiotics since 1977. His passion is to share his knowledge of the Macrobiotic way of life and his personal experience and invoke self-awareness in others so that they may experience optimum health and happiness.

David's vision is: 


David offers: Macrobiotic Counseling, Macrobiotic Coaching, Community Meals, Macrobiotic Cooking Lessons, a Take-out and Catering Service, Shiatsu Massage, and Retreats.

Contacting David is an opportunity to make a tremendous difference in your life and in the lives of those you love. Call him now at 203-518-1723 for an initial free, no-obligation interview!

May You: "...learn to keep your body strong and clean and pure and active, give it work in right proportion, give it air and food and water, fit to build its every member, fit to nourish every function...
...teach your mind and spirit pure and noble thoughts to harbor... cherish love and kindly motive." {read more}

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